Kitchen 17: by Jennifer E. McClelland Design Co.


The open floor plan concept inspired the design of this multi-cook space. The Kitchen and Dining areas were combined into one large room that houses the cooking, baking, dining, and a custom brick pizza oven. A large T-shaped island bridges the cooking and dining areas together and gives the homeowners a large place to cook and entertain, while having multiple prep areas so neither guest nor cook feels cramped or in the way. While the color palette stayed neutral, this space has an abundance of texture and dimension. From the reclaimed brick to the authentic copper countertop, there is plenty of visual interest. The fire in the pizza oven can be seen and heard, and of course, the aroma of breads, pizza, and even fire grilled steaks naturally bring everyone in to the kitchen. Kitchens are the heart of any home, but when one offers such comfort and joy like this one, it’s no wonder why everyone gathers here. Bon appétit!


There are some master baths that boast lots of square feet. Others are just too small. The perfect fit derives from correct placement in conjunction with the master bedroom. With two vanities and two entrances, this master bathroom offers lots of convenience without needing lots of space. The openness of the design incorporates a large window, a 4’ x 4’ walk-in shower, a semi-private commode, and easy access to the walk-in closet and laundry area. Colors are natural and earthy and materials are easy to maintain.